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The High Performance Executive Coach

Specialised in High Performance in Turbulent Times

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If you were impacted by the Tech Layoffs in 23 and 24, I have something for you

As a Tech Executive, I'm not indifferent to what has been happening in the industry.  More than 100 thousand jobs were cut since 2023 and this year started the same way.

If you were affected by those layoffs, please send me a message and inquire about special discounts for one-off sessions and packages.  I'm committed to doing my part to ease the transition of our esteemed colleagues and this pool of fantastic talent.  

Just drop me a note and I'll get right back to you.  I work with coachees from any part of the world.

Be kind to yourself,


I'm Samantha Vidal, Executive Coach, Global Leader in Tech,  Writer, Public Speaker, and High Performance Specialist.  I'm also passionate about developing leaders, equipping them to succeed in turbulent times.

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What my clients say


Erick Griscenco, Google Executive, NYC-USA

Laís Bueno, Publicity Executive, Netflix, Mexico City, MX

Velina Kara, Founder, Colorado-USA

Juliana Monteiro, Spotify, Global Marketing, NYC-USA 

"Thanks to Samantha's  mentorship and strategic vision, I increased my network, developed my skills, pursued long-term goals, gained more confidence and advanced my career. Samantha displays excellence in coaching, which was evident in the guidance she provided me. I am incredibly grateful to have had such an amazing mentor throughout my career journey and I would highly recommend her as a mentor to anyone looking to advance in their career."

"Samantha was an essential part of my transition into a new country and to find a new job. Her methodology combined with her international experience were key for me to learn how to look at things differently, define clear objectives, understand and learn from cultural differences, but also valuing my background and being loyal to my own values - which sometimes meant to say no in a vulnerable situation. The result? I got the best job offer and I am growing every day keeping the essences of all learned during that journey to be a better professional.  "

"Working with Samantha as my executive coach has been instrumental in my career for the last few years. She has provided invaluable support and guidance during times of transition and throughout my entrepreneurship journey. Samantha is a unique leader whose coaching style is both effective and empowering. Her ability to listen and understand my goals has been truly invaluable. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone looking to take their career to the next level."

"The reason I highly recommend Samantha is that she has helped me navigate through tough decisions in my career while keeping impartial; her knowledge in coaching and leadership helped me work on tactical mind models for decision-making & literally changed the course of my career. And of course, she has that Brazilian flare: she will be there for you on a personal level when times get tough & that in itself has taught me a lot about leadership in the corporate world."

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