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Welcome, Leader

This is where I compile content for leaders and leaders-to-be using topics that are relevant for the times we are in.  No command and control, no micromanagement. We are talking empowerment, trust, psychological safety, Diversity and Inclusion, fostering belonging, showing vulnerability and driving ultra performing teams.  I am a researcher in all things leadership for more than a decade and have read the most respected and also "breaking the rules" type of thinkers in the field. Every year, I immerse myself on a business school for deep dives on leadership and I want to spread the word.  Because I care and because we need leaders prepared to lead in this world that is changing in real time, all the time.

Where to access my content

I love technology and all the options it provides, so I create content in longer videos, shorter videos, snippets and articles.  If you want to receive updates about the leadership that really works for our times, click on the links below and follow me on those channels. 




This is where I started experimenting.  As a journalist, I always loved video as a media, so, on my YouTube Channel you will find approximately 4 min videos that go more in depth about a specific topic.  Access, subscribe and receive the new ones as I publish them.

LinkedIn is the place where I share short videos based on tips and the most common questions I get from leaders.  Interact with me there, share your opinion and read my articles.  Follow me for more.


Exclusive Newsletter

Sign up for my monthly newsletter where I'll compile the most relevant topics of the month together with my new findings on the field of leadership.  Receive a summary of my content in one media.


Online course soon!

And... I am working on a course that a lot of people expressed interest on:  New to Management Survivor Guide.  Sign up for my newsletter to receive info about its release date and an exclusive offer.

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