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Why Work With a Coach?

Because coaching is one of the most effective tools to help individuals reach their maximum potential.

A coach will enable you to tap into hidden resources and address old patterns of conditioning and attitudes that might be holding you back. A good coach will not tell you what to do, but will know which questions to ask at the right time, facilitating your own journey of finding the answers and the solution that will best work for you.

It is tempting to look for easy approaches, and quick fixes; but bear in mind: each individual is unique and the formulas that worked very well for one will probably not work so well, or not work at all, with another person. Resist the "ready-to-use" temptation. It might give you the illusion of progress while the real work will not have really begun.

The Methodology

I work with the methodology developed at INSEAD: the systems psychodynamic perspective. It

takes into consideration 3 pillars

of the coachee (PRO):


  • Personal context

  • Role in the organization

  • Organization dynamics


The idea behind it is to have a holistic view of the individuals, taking into consideration different dimensions of their lives that will, to some degree, influence the professional area.

The PRO methodology does not use pre-fabricated frameworks and requires a trained and experienced coach to enable the coachee to explore the scenario and the roadblocks of the situation presented.

The coaching work will begin with the goal setting and the sessions will be adapted to suit the individual needs and pace.

How to Work With Me as your Executive Coach

I am currently open to new assignments, regardless of your location in the world.  

It's very easy to talk to me and ask your questions: you can either book a 30 min free slot for the initial session, or you can complete the form below if you prefer to start our contact in writing form or if you just want to ask questions before we meet virtually.  I am currently based in Europe, so if you are finding it hard to match our schedules, send me a message below.

After we meet virtually, we will, then, both decide if we want to move on to a formal coaching engagement. I use technology to make the payment and booking process seamless for my coachees and myself, so it's all handled automatically and very straightfoward.  I understand things change quickly, so if you decide to cancel any bookings, you get a full refund if you request it with a minimum of 24 hours to the session.  


I work with the coachee preference regarding timing, while ensuring we have an appropriate cadence during the process. I will generally refrain from giving advice, unless specifically asked to do so, as my primary goal is to facilitate the coachees discovery process of their own solution; I truly believe only the individual will have the best answer to that.


Everything that is said during or out of the session between coach and coachee is strictly confidential. Sessions will be held over video conferences and are available in English and Portuguese.

Did not find what you were looking for?  Contact me directly by filling out the form below.

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